Thursday, December 23, 2010

December 20: painting inside

We spent another day out of the house while they were painting. 
Then we came home and opened all the windows
-on a cold, wintry day-
to air out the house!

December 19: Mowgli

The cat would like to get out of the house.
He likes looking out the window and dreaming
of the free life in the great outdoors...
without the cone collar.

December 17: texturing

We left the house all day while the crew came in and textured the walls.
The house was shrouded in plastic, but it was pretty intense stuff.
A layer of white dust is still covering everything!
I tried to sneak a picture of one of the guys with his full-on protective gear,
but he leaned over when I did the sneaky snap of the camera.:)

December 16: painting

They painted the outside of the addition this morning.
Just in time- the snow is about to hit us!:)

December 10: new room

The addition is totally opened up to the house now...

Very exciting!

December 9: wall work

The work on the walls continues....

December 7: drywall up

The plastic barricades are slowly disappearing!

The drywall is up, and now it's time for taping and mudding-
several days and several coats worth!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

December 6: window gone, bedroom gone

The old, ugly garden window was taken out today
and temporarily boarded up to get ready for the start of drywalling.

Also gone is the black plastic hallway... and the old bedroom.
We now have a living area accessing the new attic bedroom.

Now that I can get upstairs to see the new attic room,
I was able to take a picture of the insulation up here.

Look at that nifty dormer!
...and the new heater/AC unit up there, too.

December 3: insulation day

There has been a lot of *behind the scenes* work going on,
so I haven't gotten any new pictures.
But today was insulation day, and I took some pictures through the window
of the newly-installed insulation.
Once again, please excuse my dirty window.;)
If you look carefully, you'll see the new heating/AC unit on the wall.

November 24: last work before holiday

 Got a few pictures of the work before the guys took a
long holiday weekend for Thanksgiving.
There was some more done with the siding and with the electrical work.

November 22: snow job

It was a snowy, snowy Monday,
 but that didn't keep the workers away.

The old sliding-glass window was taken out and replaced with a window.

This was "no electricity day" since the electricians spent the day running wires.
They were troopers!
The lucky guys had to brave the elements while out of the house 
and brave the spiders while in the crawl space and attic.

Since were *in the dark,* we wanted to keep the kids occupied
and to not drive all the workers crazy. 
So we headed to Costco to instead overwhelm all the shoppers there.:)
We left after lunch, and the snowy morning had turned into a blizzardy afternoon!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

November 18: walls out, doors in

The view up the stairs is different today.
It is now a hallway of black plastic!

The bedroom walls are on their way out, and the add-on's doors are in.

They started building closets into the new attic room...
now it can be a for-real bedroom.:)

November 17: and more roof

The morning began with some... housekeeping.
The bathroom has been cleaned,
so now it's time to finish the shingles.

Walking around on the roof would give me the willies.

Talk about willies- You wanna put up shingles and swing a hammer
from one of these ladders?

Just about finished...

November 16: more shingling

And the roofing continues...

November 15: shingle time

I took a picture first this morning, standing at the front door
and looking at the top of the stairs.
I don't know when exactly, but this view will soon change!

Before we left for school this morning, a big truck was pulling in.
It's time to unload the shingles and to start putting them on the roof!