Saturday, April 16, 2011

Friday, April 15, 2011

April 15: decking delivery

The decking was delivered this morning.  Work has begun!

April 6: deck floor started

We started on the deck floor today.

It's ready for the decking material now!

April 4: frame

Boards are going up!

April 3: more deck

The boys are busy measuring and marking today. It's time to frame!

April 2: ready to frame

The rocks are down, and it's time to start framing out the deck.

March 5: deck time

Today it's time to start working on the deck!
The boys worked on digging post holes and pouring concrete.

February 28: tile

Most of the tile is down!

Mowgli is still acting as the worksite supervisor.

February 21: carpet

The flooring guys were here today.
The stairs and the open room upstairs are now covered in thick, soft, new carpet...
specifically chosen because it won't show dirt and kid muck.:)

February 18: ready for carpet

The floor and the stairs have been cleaned and painted with Kilz.
Time for new carpet!

February 16: upstairs flooring

We've ripped out the old carpet in the open room upstairs and down the stairs.
Time to start prepping it for new carpet!

I didn't take pictures *before* the Sahara-Desert-worth of sand was sucked into the ShopVac...
Here are the *after* pictures.;)

February 4: upstairs bedroom finished

The flooring and finishwork are done in the new bedroom upstairs...
The new bedroom upstairs is finished!

February 4: Downstairs flooring

The tile for the new downstairs room was delivered today!